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A legacy of learning

The purpose of our re-designed website is to celebrate the tradition and history of SJSA. As alumni, you play a large role in this celebration and in our legacy. As you move through the website, you will notice that the focus is now on the sharing of old stories, pictures and updates of what our “family” is doing now.  A presence has been established on social networking sites, as well as a shared photo site. (Scroll to the bottom right hand corner of any page on this site for links to these sites). It is our hope that this will allow more immediate communication with our extended family.

We encourage you to contribute to this site. If you have pictures or stories you would like to see on our site, please submit them to me and I will include them in our posts. Let us know what you are up to, what new “adventures” you are involved in, and we will include this in our Updates section.

With the closure of Saint John’s, it becomes more important that we maintain our alumni legacy. We continue to update our database of contact information (email is preferred), and will be keeping our supporters updated as we move through this last phase of the school. We have established the Saint John’s School of Alberta Legacy Foundation which is  open to applications now  at A display room has been set up for the historical items that mean so much to our alumni. Please continue to follow our progress. If you want to contact us please do so by emailing me at:

Thank you for your continued support,
Barbara McKay