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Memory Monday – Choir Practice

Dave Neelands Conducting 1980 Carol Service

With the Christmas season upon us, it seems fitting that our  December Memory Monday features are all relating to our  Carol Services. Check out this week’s photo and audio clips.

What are your memories of the days leading up to Christmas when you were in the school or waiting for your son to come for the holidays? Tell us your story.

Audio: (1980 Carol Service) Psallite Unigenito
Download Psallite Unigenito MP3

Audio: Reading from St. Matthew (who is this doing the reading? Any guesses?)
Download the Reading from St. Matthew MP3

Download the complete album (39.7 MB)

And for our Mexican Alumni:

Ya que estamos en la temporada de Navidad, todos los artículos de “Memory Monday”
(“Lunes de Recuerdos”) de diciembre serán sobre nuestros Servicios de Villancico (Carol
Services). Echa un vistazo a la foto de esta semana y a los clips de audio.

¿Cuáles son sus recuerdos de la temporada de Navidad cuando estaban en la escuela o,
para los papás, esperando la llegada de su hijo a su casa para Navidad? Cuéntanos su
historia en Inglés o Español.

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  1. James Waikle James Waikle

    Just last night I saw a youtube clip of a “flash mob” in a food court stand up and sing ( or lip synch) the Hallalauh chorus. It brought back so many memories of practicing over and over and over to get it all just right. Of course hearing it all put together in the end made it all worth while. I can barely remember anything else we sang , but that Hallalauch Chorus will always stand out and be special to me.

  2. Jeff Fearon Jeff Fearon

    I don’t think this is a picture from 1980. The tall kid in the 3rd row looks like Robert Maze, I second from the left in the first row looks like one of the Kaprals. This would put the picture pre-1980. (I am starting to age a little so maybe my memory gets selective.)

    The first memory that pops to my mind from choir practice is watching the guys in the other sections doing their darnedest to stay awake. There is nothing more funny than trying to keep silent while watching someone else fall asleep sitting up.

    We sure made up enough songs by changing the words to fit the characters around the school. My brother, Bob, even had us in singing some of these in rounds.

    • Barbara McKay Barbara McKay

      You are probably right about the date Jeff – after all you were there practicing along with the guys in the picture.

  3. Arthur Verheyde Arthur Verheyde

    The reading was from Mike Morris.

    I am reeling with memories of choir practice………..thank you!!!

    • Barbara McKay Barbara McKay

      Arthur, you’re right about the reader being Mike Morris. It was amazing as l listened to the tape again, how easy it was to recognize the voices. Amazing after all this time!

  4. Arthur Verheyde Arthur Verheyde

    I can still smell the pine of the dining room as I remember Dave Neelands tell us how “Rise up Shepard and Follow” was to follow a “negro spiritual” melody.

  5. Arthur Verheyde Arthur Verheyde

    I find myself clicking links almost as a mouse searching for the elusive crumb of cheddar……click, click – all over the SJSa website, almost as if I will eventually click my way back to 1979, walking down the hallway, seeing the movie canister lying on top of the red mailbox as I pass the offices. I stop and look all around, dash over, read the label, and dash back to the hallway, secretly knowing what would be played Saturday night in the dining room as we gnaw on our canteen treats. Clint Eastwood made it’s mark early on with us back then. I love watching them now, with my young son and have fond memories of the projector whirring away in the background as I fixated on the gunslinger who quickly became my movie hero.

  6. Jose M. Gomez-Ferrer Jose M. Gomez-Ferrer

    It is amazing that you have all these files and photos. My parents attended the concert, traveling from Mexico City to Alberta and bought a couple of tapes to have the memories. A few years later we found the tapes and put them on, only to find out they were both blank! It made my mom quite sad but now I have a Christmast gift for her…

  7. David Lee David Lee

    So nice to hear the Choir, and we didn’t sound too bad.
    This brings back so many memories from SJSA.

    I must say thank you to all of you, the boys I lived with for 5 years, our friendship will last for ever, and the hard working teachers who prepared me for life.
    I am now in Hong Kong, sounds so far, but really we are only a click away.

    Thanks so much for putting the MP3 and Dave Neelands’ photo up on the web just before X’mas. Miss you all.

    I also have some old photos from SJSA & family friends:-

  8. Barbara McKay Barbara McKay

    An email sent by Sherwood Botsford:

    Dave Neelands is responsible for teaching me to sing. He found simple arrangements. Most of the stuff was in two part harmony or in unison. For a full season he took me aside to learn the base line, and convinced me that it was ok to open up and ‘make a glad sound unto the Lord’

    So all of you who suffered through my singing on canoe trips, it’s Dave Neelands you have to blame.

    Thank you Dave. Don’t know if I ever thanked you when you were alive.

  9. Penny & Colin Belton Penny & Colin Belton

    Merry Christmas to you all from us in Plattsburgh, NY. I was always amazed at how wonderful it all sounded and how magical the church became. It always put me in the Christmas spirit. Colin’s memory was all those long hours of practice the bass section of the Hallelujah chorus have all come back as I will be singing it tonight with our local community choir.

  10. Edmeades I Edmeades I

    Wow. Memories. Just a few days ago I was walking through a mall in LA and a choir was singing Hallelujah. Goosebumps.

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